Transition to an energy system dominated by renewable energy is a necessity. So far the Ionian Islands have largely been detached from these processes. The energy system in most of Greece is very centralized, which means that –with few exceptions- there are not significant variations between the sources of energy between the areas of the country.

Despite the great potential for wind and solar energy generation, electricity is mainly produced by coal-fired power plants in the mainland, with a few hydroelectric power plants. Therefore, the overall energy mix is heavily polluting, while great volumes of energy get lost through the energy transportation network. With regard to road transportation the tendency is that car numbers are increased. At the same time large-scale renewable energy projects have caused conflicts and opposition in Greece, as a result of the ways in which they are planned. While it is important to make the transition to renewable energy, a true change for the better should be carefully studied to take into account the needs of each place and community, without compromising their social and environmental concerns.

Renewable Energy Grants

  • EU financing for a sustainable future in the Ionian Islands

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