Albania Overboard Swim raises funds for IEF

We’re so grateful to Albania Overboard (a 3k swim from Albania to Corfu: for choosing us as one of their two 2019 charity partners, alongside Smile of a Child. We feel this partnership is a perfect fit!The Ionian Environment Foundation (IEF), launches this year with the aim to protect, sustain and restore the natural beauty of our beloved islands! Although these crystal clear waters at times look pristine, the truth is that their ecosystems and those that benefit from them are severely under threat from plastic pollution, industrial agricultural effluent, unregulated fish farms, illegal fishing, and much more.

We were delighted by everyone’s enthusiasm to participate and sponsor swimmers for the Albania Overboard Swim. It was a well-organised sports event, as well as a great social and community activity. We are very happy to have been part of it and to have met all of you. This was the first event we benefit from and the support we received both from the organisers and from the participants and sponsors means a lot to us and helps us make a head start.