The IEF’s core areas of interest were identified following an extensive study of the regional context, influenced by the experiences of the IEF during the first three years of action.

The report highlighted key environmental concerns and human pressures: from a dramatic increase in tourist developments and uncontrolled, unplanned construction and the resulting pressures on natural resources; to the threats posed to the Ionian marine ecology from continued oil exploration, overfishing, marine litter, and climate change.

We aim to address the needs of this unique region through an approach of direct action, research, field work, campaigns, capacity building projects and education, across the following themes:


Marine Conservation

Habitat & Biodiversity Protection

Sustainable Development & Resource Management

Civil Society & Capacity Building


Within those interest areas, we will be pro-actively searching for projects to support. For any other projects relating to promoting and implementing solutions to environmental concerns on the islands, we will always review reactively.