Dare 2B Partnership

We are thrilled to announce the new partnership with the dynamic sportswear company Dare 2B.

To kick off this partnership Dare 2B genreously sponsored the recent Albania Overboard Fundraising Swim. With the aim of turbo charging funds to support the IEF’s marine conservation projects, determined participants swam the channel between Albania and Corfu. The event is described below:

Dare 2B sponsors of The Albania Overboard IEF Fundraiser!

The Ionian Environment Foundation gratefully received a wonderful selection of Dare 2B Towels, swimsuits, caps, water bottles, holdall bags and sports waist belts to support the efforts of all those involved in our fundraising event last weekend.

73 swimmers and support crew gathered together on Friday 1st September in Corfu to receive their medical check and debrief ahead of the race. Here the Ionian Environment Foundation team ensured every swimmer was provided with a Dare 2B Towel, and the support crew were equipped with a swimsuit, sun cap, holdall bag and water bottle – all incredibly useful ahead of the weekend of swimming action!

On Saturday morning, as the sun was rising, the Ionian Environment Foundation, together with the nervously excited swimmers, travelled by ferry to Albania and then bussed across the coast. We hiked down the dusty mountain to the start point, grateful for our Dare 2B hats and water bottles!

Support boats and paddle boards at the ready…3,2,1 Bang! and we were off – eyes fixed on the other side of the Albania-Corfu Channel – a 3km stretch. The group initially stayed together as instructed, but after 20 minutes they dispersed – partly due to varying abilities and partly due to strong currents that pulled swimmers off course. Some swimmers fought the current and made it across to the finish point, some resorted to climbing out once they hit Corfu and hiked the rest of the way to the finish point rather than continue battling the current, and some clung on to the back of the support paddle board – exhausted but determined to complete the race!

Arriving safely at the harbour in NE Corfu – San Steffano – the relieved swimmers were welcomed with an audience of cheering supporters, cameras and press. This was an incredible event in which people from far and wide travelled to take part in support of the Ionian Environment Foundation’s marine conservation projects. In our congratulating speeches later that night – the swimmers were applauded for their endurance, determination and grit – fantastic ambassadors of the Dare 2B range indeed!

Thank you so much Dare 2B for sponsoring this event! 


“We believe in the energy of sport and the thrill of adventure – run, ride, climb or ski our advanced technologies and fabrics keep you performing at your best for longer. Launching in 1999, Dare 2b is a multi-sportswear brand with over 23 years of experience pushing the boundaries of design and innovation so you can push yourself to the limit outdoors.

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