Capacity-building with Social Dynamo

February – September 2021

With a vision of a green and blue future, the Social Dynamo of the Bodossakis Foundation invites environmental groups and organizations to participate in its new 6-month Empowerment Program, designed and implemented by the Bodossakis Foundation, in collaboration with the Cyclades Preservation Fund and the Ionian Environment Foundation. Strategic partners of Social Dynamo are the Municipalities of Athens and Thessaloniki.

The Social Dynamo of the Bodossakis Foundation expresses the Foundation’s vision for a dynamic Civil Society that acts, influences, intervenes. It is an award-winning initiative for the empowerment of Civil Society in Greece, which offers comprehensive support to its institutions, focusing on learning, professional support and networking.

The purpose of the new empowerment program is to support environmental organizations & groups in their next steps and to maximize their social impact. Participating organizations are provided with training activities related to their organizational development, seminars on environmental challenge management and sustainability, as well as consulting services & networking opportunities. The aim of the thematic specialization of the 6-month programs of Social Dynamo is the strengthening of skills, the emergence of initiatives from the whole range of activities of the non-profit sector and the encouragement of synergies.

The program was formulated based on the needs and priorities of environmental organizations from all over Greece, as they were mapped in a relevant survey conducted by the Social Dynamo, the Cyclades Preservation Fund and the Ionian Environment Foundation.

Programme structure
The program includes training seminars, counseling sessions and networking opportunities. Each organization has the opportunity to select as many training units as it is interested in. An average of 12 hours of training will take place each month. Detailed information about the educational activities of each month will be included in the monthly newsletter and Facebook of Social Dynamo, as well as in the calendar of events of its website.