Awareness raising about cetaceans with Achipelagos

The Ionian Sea is home to many marine mammals, the cetaceans, i.e. whales and dolphins, which are largely unknown to the public and to visitors. The aim of the project is to inform the general public and relevant stakeholders about the presence of cetaceans in the Ionian Sea, thus contributing to the preservation of the marine biodiversity of the area and increasing the acceptance for conservation measures to come. The particularly high cetacean diversity in the Ionian is widely unknown to both local people and the numerous tourists visiting the area, while there is a lack of relevant materials and campaigns about all these species in the Ionian Islands up to the present time.

At the first stage of the project the organisation ‘Archipelagos-environment and development’ will create a brochure about cetacean biodiversity in the area along with a poster, in order to inform the local people and visitors alike about the existence of these big marine mammals and how to interact with them, if they encounter them in the open sea.