Supporting the campaign to ‘Save Erimitis’


Erimitis is a headland on the North east coast of the Greek Island of Corfu, that has been spared the haphazard tourism development that has destroyed many locations on the island. It is a wonderful habitat with a wide range of biodiversity, both on land and sea. The local economy of the area flourishes, due to its existence. Hikers use the footpaths that the local community maintains, small leisure crafts go to the beaches and local events like the race Kassios Dias, that partly revolve around Erimitis, connect the communities in the area in meaningful ways.

In the past decade the economic crisis pushed the Greek government into an illinformed decision. A part of this natural habitat, that was owned by the government, was offered for development. It was bought by a foreign fund –NCH Capital which is planning to build a hotel and villas. All through procedures that were unfair and did not take into account the communities directly affected.

A local activist group, Erimiti Plous, which represents the local people, who are for the preservation of the headland, has managed to protect the area from destruction for many years.

Erimitis can be the flagship of a change that has to happen on Corfu and the Ionian Islands and can set a positive precedent on the island of Corfu and the Ionian regarding environmental issues. The non-sustainable development that is planned for Erimitis, is happening all over the island, while such investments look at profit in the short term while fostering over-tourism, unsustainable development, habitat and biodiversity loss, as well as and environmental degradation.

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Objective of the project

The ultimate goal is to protect the natural habitat of Erimitis from unsustainable development now, and in the future. This project is aimed at helping with the communications of the campaign and especially environmental advocacy, in order to strengthen the moves determined by the movement and the association that formally represents it. In the future environmental consultancy is also to be provided, where necessary for the sustainable management of the area as a nature reserve.