Dolphin research in the Ionian Sea

Dolphins inhabiting the coastal waters of Greece are facing significant threats. Some dolphin populations must deal with increasing human encroachment, while others have disappeared altogether from portions of their former range. The Ionian Sea’s dolphin have been extensively impacted by a number of factors.

The Ionian Dolphin Project IDP aims to ensure the long-term viability of marine mammals living in coastal waters of the eastern Ionian Sea. Research by Tethys Research Institute is providing support conservation efforts, through various actions. With this project we are supporting the expansion of the research activities of the Ionian Dolphin Project to conduct extensive research for the state of the populations of dolphins in a  big part of the Ionian Sea for the first time. It is a much needed research, in order to be able to protect these iconic and lovely animals that have been under so much pressure.

This new research effort will be dedicated south of Corfu, around the islands of Paxos-Antipaxos, western Lefkada and the islands of Ithaki and Atoko, 4-5 times a month between June-September 2020 (see map below).