Impact update: Sinies Small Green Spot

The news is good from the social enterprise SIN.PRAXI!

Despite the setback from Covid, the enterprise has been collecting sufficient quantities and quality to make the operations efficient. Until early April these were the data on the quantities collected and saved from the landfill.

  • In total between 12-15 tonnes of recyclable waste are colected per month
  • Of those 3-4 tonnes per month were electrical and electronic waste
    The subsidy provided for those by the company Electrocycle, which recycles them provides a good revenue.
    Especially good revenue comes from air condition appliances, as Electrocycle pays 750 €/tonne.
  • Of the rest of the “common household waste” approximately 30% is glass and approximately 35% is cardboard.
  • 100 mattresses have been collected per month (this is part of an agreement with the municipality); in April -period of renovations for many tourism businesses- approximately 180 were collected.
  • Cardboard has grown in tonnage as a result of good separation and awareness by businesses, so that SIN.RAXI has now rented a press container to make for a more efficient operation for this stream (see last photo below).
  • SIN.PRAXI is able to make a net revenue even in the winter months, which is positive news. The enterprise will have a clear view on quantities of recyclables and on profitability in the autumn, after having completed a full year of operations.


An update with more details on the quantities of waste collected will become known in the autumn, after the tourism season has ended.

Importantly, the Small Green Spot run by SIN.PRAXI is the first case in the region, when a municipality officially collaborates with a social enterprise for good waste management and when the collection of many separate streams of waste by a single enterprise and in big quantities is part of a formal deal. The numbers indicate that is already a financially sustainable business, given the support of the municipality with one employee. That shows the way forward for other initiatives that aim to solve the waste management problems locally!