The Adventures of The Albania Overboard Swim 2022

Despite inclement weather conditions the @albaniaoverboard team delivered an incredible Plan B adventure. We travelled at sunrise to Albania and ventured to the stunning Butrint National Park.

Boarding a shifting rope ferry we were pulled to the middle of the channel, leapt off and swam 2.5km from a Venetian Castle through the Butrint channel to Ali Pasha’s ruined Ottoman fort at the entrance to the Ionian Sea.

Swimming along the channel meant we were sheltered from the winds, but exposed to the wildlife that we are striving to protect.

The wildlife of the park includes 39 species of mammals, 246 species of birds, and an abundance of coastal species as well.  Some of the mammals include grey wolf, red fox, golden jackal, otter, and beech marten.

The coastal waters feature  a number of species that the IEF works to document and protect: bottlenose dolphin, short-beaked dolphin, striped dolphin, monk seal, loggerhead sea turtle, and the leatherback sea turtle. Bird enthusiasts had the opportunity whilst swimming to spot peregrines, falcons, common buzzards, rock partridges, and even the amazing golden eagle.

We are SO grateful to Villa Collective and to all who helped us raise over €15,000 for the Ionian Environment Foundations’ local projects. We aim to see these funds supporting and developing  SinPraxi’s Waste Management Initiative in N Corfu as well as contributing to the Reposidonia Project that aims to map and record the posidonia meadows of the whole Ionian Region to ensure it is formally protected by conservation marine policy.

We very much hope to see you all again next year!