Honouring The Conservation Collective – The Hellenic Initiative’s 6th Annual Gala in London

On Thursday 22nd September 2022, the Hellenic Initiative hosted a beautiful fundraising gala at The Dorchester Hotel in London. The Hellenic Initiative is a global nonprofit organisation that brings together Diaspora Greeks and Philhellenes to invest in the future of Greece through programmes focused on crisis relief, entrepreneurship and economic development.

This year, at their 6th Annual Gala, the Hellenic Initiative honoured the Conservation Collectives’ 3 Greek Foundations, The Ionian Environment Foundation, The Cyclades Preservation Fund and The Argolic Environment Foundation. With over 300 guests from the Greek Diaspora of London, as well as a number of our close supporters, the event was a lively celebration of the conservation efforts taking place across Greece.

Heartfelt thanks to all those that joined us on the night and to The Hellenic Initiative for their kind support.