Food campaign: “Dream global, eat local”

The ongoing pandemic of Covid-19 already has many economic repercussions globally. Touristic destinations, such as the Ionian Islands will be hit hard by this crisis in the medium term. Expected impacts include unemployment and reduced incomes and revenues for a range of professionals and businesses. Due to reduced incomes, it is expected that parts of the population will struggle to have access to food (or to food of sufficient quality compared to the times before), while the fact that national and international markets will be shaken creates uncertainties for food supply and food access overall. Against that background it is only reasonable to think about mitigating the crisis, by resorting to the well-known capacities of food production that the Ionian Islands have always had.

At the same time, this crisis brings an opportunity to reconsider the structure of the local economies and of sustainable ways to harness the natural wealth of the islands. The Ionian Islands have a great tradition, as well as great potential for quality food production. They are the greenest islands of Greece and host an amazing biodiversity that is also reflected in the variety of crops and plants that have historically been growing on them, sustaining the local populations sufficiently even in the most difficult of times. Blessed with plenty of rainfall and sunshine, plus mouth-watering local gastronomy these crops and plants can become delicious and nutritious food. Highlighting the local cuisine and promoting local produce could increase the Ionian Islands’ environmental sustainability, economic prosperity, and climate resilience.

Therefore, in response to economic impacts resulting from the Covid-19 crisis, the IEF is looking for ways to strengthen the local capacity for sustainable food production and to increase demand. At the first stage we are planning a gathering of interested stakeholders, mainly local producers and shop owners. If you are interested in participating in the process contact the IEF via email or telephone.

This is a joint campaign with the other foundations of our network, the Conservation Collective: