Medicinal Plants and Mushrooms of Corfu

€6,300 awarded

Medicinal Plants and Mushrooms of Corfu


In the face of modernisation, our invaluable connection to the traditional knowledge of previous generations on the uses of medicinal plants and mushrooms is rapidly fading away. Our diminishing awareness of the traditional uses of medicinal flora is not only impacting the cultural fabric of our communities as people leave traditional village life, but it also jeopardizes the potential benefits these resources hold for both healthcare and environmental conservation. If we fail to keep a record of how previous generations used the species in their local environment on a day-to-day basis, the knowledge may be lost forever.

In response to this need to preserve the knowledge of the medicinal plants and mushrooms of Corfu, Eleni Christoforatou and The Mushroom Association of Corfu have embarked on a quest to record them and their uses for future generations. With a profound connection to the island’s “wild” plant communities, Eleni has dedicated over a decade to teaching herbal medicine, leading walks, and crafting herbal preparations. Simultaneously, The Mushroom Association of Corfu, established in 2018, actively works to promote knowledge and interest in mushrooms, especially in threatened habitats like Erimitis and mountain Pantokrator. Their comprehensive goals include studying and protecting ecosystems, educating on identification and consumption of local flora, preserving natural habitats, and fostering global collaborations with associations and institutions.

The IEF is thrilled to be supporting both Eleni and the Mushroom Association of Corfu in the publication of two books, aimed at preserving such local knowledge. This project serves as a gateway, offering local residents a compelling reason to rediscover nature’s wonders. By encouraging a return to nature and integrating it into their daily lives, it is hoped to cultivate a personal bond between individuals and the rich wildlife that surrounds them. In doing so, we envision the creation of a new tapestry of memories and personal stories, fostering a genuine, naturally inspired commitment to preserving the ecological richness of our beloved community.

Project Aims

Informative Books: Create and distribute two unique books, focused on the medicinal plants and mushrooms of Corfu in, bridging traditional knowledge with modern scientific research.

Identification Posters: Develop visually engaging posters—one dedicated to medicinal plants and another to medicinal mushrooms of Corfu—to aid in identification and foster understanding of their roles in the ecosystem.

Educational Herb Walks: Three herb walks throughout different seasons, will offer participants the opportunity to visit plants and mushrooms in their natural habitats. These walks will not only provide insights into medicinal properties but also highlight the importance of preserving these species and their ecosystems.

Environmental Awareness: Through the distribution of books, posters, and herb walks, enhance local awareness about potential threats to wildlife habitats, such as Erimitis and mountain Pantokrator, as well as agricultural lands facing challenges from spraying and overbuilding.

Lectures as Introductions: Upon the completion of the books and posters, conduct two lectures—one focusing on the medicinal plants and the other on medicinal mushrooms. These lectures will not only introduce the materials but also set the stage for future educational projects, promoting ongoing learning and environmental stewardship.

Project Update

Last month, the Medicinal Plants and Mushrooms of Corfu project took its first spring steps, conducting its first walk designed to explore and discover the flora around Lake Korission, Corfu Island. Guided by the expertise of Eleni Christoforatou from the Mushroom Association of Corfu, participants were immersed in the hidden wonders of the forest floor, learning about the diverse array of medicinal plants and mushrooms. Environmental expert Elena Papadopoulou provided insight into the delicate sand dune ecosystem, inspiring all to protect and preserve this vital habitat. We would like to extend the heartfelt thanks of the group to all who joined, your support helps drive their commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable living. For the next planned walk the group will illuminate a completely different ecosystem, exploring the plants and mushroom of Mount Pandokrator!!!!

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