Spring has sprung for the Green Spot Learning & Teaching community garden

The Green Spot Learning & Teaching community garden at Sin.Praxi is up and running!!!!!

Spring 2024 has ushered in a period of remarkable transformation at Sinies Community Garden, thanks to the dedicated efforts of local Sin.Praxi volunteers and the generous support from the Depeche Mode και Hublot partnership. This season, their focus has been on enhancing the garden into a dynamic space that inspires and educates. As part of the Green Spot Learning & Teaching workshop and community garden project, locals and school students actively participated in planting and learned the importance of sustainable gardening.

A highlight of their recent endeavours was the successful hosting of the Corfu Garden Festival in April 2024. This event not only celebrated their amazing achievements but also served as a platform for exchanging insights with garden festival organizers and local craftsmen, further enriching the project.

With the Green Spot Learning & Teaching community garden up and running, the dedicated volunteers of Sin.Praxi also hosted children from Nisaki Pre-School and Kassiopi Primary School, who engaged in a myriad of outdoor activities and learning sessions. Through these fun activities, this initiative instils a love for nature and outdoor exploration among children, reinforcing their role as future custodians of the environment. The Sin.Praxi team continue to expand their outreach and impact and invite everyone to join them in celebrating and preserving biodiversity, recognizing the pivotal role that pollinators like bees play in sustaining our ecosystem. Together, let’s nurture nature and build a sustainable community for generations to come.