Winter 2023 IEF Newsletter!

IEF Winter News from The Ionian Islands!

From successful fundraising campaigns to collaborations with new partners and grantees, the IEF continues to consolidate strong relationships and impactful projects across the Ionian Region. At the beginning of 2024 we aim to award 3 new grants with diverse conservation actions all supporting the IEF’s core areas of concern:

Προστασία θαλάσσιου περιβάλλοντος

Προστασία οικοτόπων & βιοποικιλότητας

Αειφόρος ανάπτυξη & διαχείριση πόρων

Κοινωνία των πολιτών & ανάπτυξη ικανοτήτων


Learn about some our newest grants awarded in April:

Monk seals in Northern Corfu

Medicinal Plants and Mushrooms of Corfu

Green Pelekas Environmental Group Project


Get the latest updates on our current projects:

The Save Erimtis Campaign

SinPraxi’s Green Spot for Recycling and Education

Greek Sustainable Sailing Alliance: Sustainable Sailing Pack


Catch up on all our latest events and activities including:

Introducing the IEF’s new Executive Director

Introducing Regenerative Farming Practices on Paxos

6th Albania Overboard Fundraising event

Screening at The Chapel in Bruton

Thank you to all those that support the IEF with the shared aim to protect and conserve these precious Ionian Islands.

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